hembrugterreinTaets is part of the inspiring industrial heritage on the Hembrugterrein. This monumental industrial area from 1897 is situated right on the border of Amsterdam, directly on the Noordzeekanaal. It lies at the heart of the UNESCO world heritage site, the ‘Stelling van Amsterdam’, and is the city’s new vibrant breeding ground for creativity, art and culture.

Breeding ground for creative instigators

In 2004, Taets was one of the first to be captivated by the magic of this terrain which was still inaccessible at the time. Back then, the terrain was owned by the Ministry of Defence and was strictly prohibited. Taets’ Gallery was the first cultural initiative on the site. At that time the terrain was wild, trees grew through the old dilapidated buildings, and the area was not yet cleared of possible explosives in the ground. Since then, the Hembrugterrein has become a breeding ground for creative instigators, social entrepreneurs and cultural institutes. The terrain still kept her wildness and magic.

The Hembrugterrein has a number of restaurants and cafés, various museums, a small podium, artist’s studios and design shops, and it regularly hosts concerts and festivals.

For more information, visit www.hembrugterrein.com