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A versatile festival venue on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

For both indoor and outdoor, small and large.
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A festival creates space for engagement and innovation like no other event can. Taets offers a unique festival terrain for both indoor and open-air festivals, small and large, corporate and public-oriented, for a high-impact event that inspires, connects and challenges.

Whether you want to organise a festival or to bring festival elements to your corporate event; we are happy to advice and assist you. Imagine an interactive format, a pick’n mix structure, and a playful and informal atmosphere for your next business event, or consider a food truck festival with live music or a market place for workshops, lectures, games and other experiences. Due to the versatile nature of the terrain and the unique buildings, our festival venue is unrivalled.

For an indoor festival, YadaYada offers a Plug&Play environment with foodtruck court and marketplace. For a public festival or a large corporate festival, we recommend using the entire terrain. Each festival is unique and our creative team will be happy to advice you. Together we can realise anything.

Capacity festival venue:

Amount of persons Surface
Festival venue inside and outside 10.000 pers. 20.000 m2
Gallery 190 pers. 165 m2
Theatre 400 pers. 350 m2
Event Area 500 pers. 650 m2
Black Box 5000 pers. 6.000 m2
YadaYada 1200 pers. 2.000 m2
Project.Factory 1.500 pers. 2.000 m2