Ship – De Hembrug ÉÉN

From Port Safari to Meeting Location

For meetings, product presentations, cocktails, dinners and as a ferry to Amsterdam CS.

Cruise for a dinner, presentation, reception or meeting

The Hembrug ÉÉN is a unique passenger ship for business meetings and special events. A ship where you receive your relations, team members, customers or partners in a stylish and inspiring environment.

With its spacious, light downstairs room, state-of-the-art facilities and chic upstairs lounge, it is ideal for a meeting, presentation, reception or dinner. The comfortable double outside deck offers space, relaxation and an always exciting view.

The Hembrug ÉÉN sails through the Amsterdam North Sea Canal area, where trade and area development come together in an innovative way. Be inspired by the special Dutch landscape and the character of the Hembrug ÉÉN.

Pont Hembrug

The ship is also available in combination with one of the special locations on the Hembrugterrein. For example for a surprising closing drink, or as a ferry to transport your guests from Amsterdam CS to the Hembrugterrein.

In addition, we can offer a tailor-made PORT SAFARI, a cruise through the undiscovered port area of ​​Amsterdam. Our team is happy to tell you more!

Facilities Ship – De Hembrug ÉÉN

Capacity Hembrug ÉÉN


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