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Versatile trade fair venue with a great atmosphere.

10,000 m2 of trade floor on the outskirts of Amsterdam.
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From an exclusive international trade fair to a bustling consumer fair, an innovative start-up fair or a special information fair: as a specialist in the field of high-impact consumer and trade fairs, we are here to make anything possible for you.

The various buildings on the terrain are used separately or as a whole. Hall 1 is our largest space; here, anything can be built in any style. The Event Area is a classic industrial hall and a stylish trade fair venue. The eclectic YadaYada has a built-in market place and food court, and a vibrant atmosphere. YadaYada is fully equipped for small Plug&Play events and markets of any type.

Staff, catering and VIP rooms are available across the estate. The terrain also offers a theatre and auditorium, a restaurant, café on the waterfront and a wonderful outdoor area with room for tents, a bar and food trucks.

Curious about the possibilities for your trade fair?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiry. We would love to hear from you.

Capacity fair areas:

Black Box – total 6.000 m2
Black Box – space 1 4.500 m2
Black Box – space 2 1.500 m2
Gallery 165 m2
Theatre 350 m2
Event Area 650 m2
YadaYada 2.000 m2
Project.Factory 2.000 m2
Taets terrain inside and outside 20.000 m2