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From Port Safari to Meeting Location.

For meetings, product presentations, cocktails, dinners and as a ferry to Amsterdam CS.
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The HembrugÉÉN is a unique passenger ship for business meetings and special events. A ship where you can receive your relations, team members, clients or partners in a stylish and inspiring setting. With its spacious, bright downstairs room with state-of-the art facilities, and stylish upstairs parlour, it is ideal for a meeting, presentation, reception or dinner. The comfortable double outer deck offers space, fresh air and an always exciting view.

The HembrugÉÉN sails in the Noordzeekanaal area, where trade and area development come together in an innovative way. Be inspired by the extraordinary Dutch landscape and the robust character of the HembrugÉÉN.

The ship is also available in combination with one of the venues on the Hembrugterrein. Consider a cocktailparty on board, or use the ship as a ferry between Amsterdam CS and the Hembrugterrein. We also offer a customised HARBOUR SAFARI, a boat trip through the undiscovered harbour area of Amsterdam. Our team will be happy to tell you more!

Capacity Ship

Surface 250 m2
Meeting 80 persons
Plenary 100 persons
Dinner 150 persons
Party 300 persons

Faciliteiten Event Garden

  • Furniture
  • Bar
  • Sound installation
  • Toilets
  • Atmospheric lighting
  • Hembrugterrein berth