Mark Verdoes

The transient and infinite inspire Mark Verdoes. In his visual poetry, as he likes to call his work, he displays the temporary and at the same time timeless beauty and the unavoidable but poetic decay of everything.
The works of Verdoes are contemporary still lifes, a modern variety of the 17th century Dutch vanitas tradition with Asian, Taoist influences. His themes are of all times and places, but his experimental technique is undeniably current. He paints with photography and photographs painted structures and enigmatic attributes – from dried exotic flower to gilded moon fish. He plays with words and portrays desires. The result is a contemporary mix of painting, photography, computer and printing techniques and poetry.
Verdoes: “It is about the road you walk down. An end does not exist. Time is movement, movement is progress. This way of thinking is what I try to capture in my work and at the same time it isn’t. My work is mostly intuitive.”