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An authentic theatre with a stage in original condition.

For meetings, product presentations, tasteful dinners or festivities with a beautiful view over the Amsterdam North Sea Canal.
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Theatre in brief

The theatre is in its fully authentic condition with a fantastic view over the water.

This space is highly suitable for meetings, product presentations, tasteful dinners or festivities.

The theatre is standardly furnished with an impressive bar and a large stage suited for presentations and musical performances.
This space also offers access to meeting rooms, making the room multi-functional.


Surface 350 m2
Plenary 350 persons
Dinner 200 persons
Festivities 400 persons


  • Stage 7 x 5 metre, with black curtains and a black backdrop
  • Dressing rooms above the stage
  • See-through projection screen, dimensions 305×228 with passe-partout edge of 10 cm
  • Clear height 6.5 metre
  • Basic stage lighting, sound installation for speech and background music
  • Basic mood lighting
  • Cargo lift outside the building
  • Wireless internet
  • Blackout windows



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3D view Theatre

Theatre 3D