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Your Meetings on a prime location!

With a beautiful view over the Amsterdam North Sea Canal.
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meetingThe creative and inspiring meeting rooms of Taets are often home to meetings, workshops and gatherings. Our state of the art meetings area offers room for 10 to 80 people.

After the meeting, you could go to the Event Area or Gallery for a delicious lunch, dinner or a festive drink.

Capacity meeting rooms:

Da Vinci25 m2 – 30 pax
Christo30 m2 – 40 pax
Michelangelo54 m2 – 70 pax
Le Corbusier44 m2 – 50 pax
Voltaire31 m2 – 32 pax
Warhol35 m2 – 36 pax
Einstein44 m2 – 40 pax
Jeanne d’Arc99 m2 – 80 pax