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Vibrant food market for inspiring meetings.

For festivals, meetings, conventions, conferences, parties, cocktails, dinners and presentations.
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YadaYada is the venue for companies that want to organise challenging and innovative events. YadaYada offers the opportunity to step off the beaten track and to challenge, connect and inspire your guests.

YadaYada’s eclectically decorated spaces, the Market place and the Cathedral, accommodate for any kind of event; from a meeting or brainstorm session to a spectacular product presentation, indoor food festival or conference. YadaYada’s indoor market place, the food truck court, the attractive bar, the lounge area, the stage and the monumental plenary room offer flexibility and versatility. Let your imagination run free!

Our team, with years of expertise in high-impact events, will be happy to advise you regarding the creative possibilities of your event. We can advice, organise, and realise; taking care of your event from A to Z. YadaYada’s creative atmosphere and on-site team are here to make every event legendary.

Capacity Market Place

Surface 1.400 m2
Plenary 1.000 persons
Dinner 800 persons
Party 1.500 persons

Capacity Cathedral

Surface 540 m2
Plenary 400 persons
Dinner 375 persons
Party 650 persons

Facilities Market Place

  • Atmospheric lighting
  • Bathrooms
  • Power current


Facilities Cathedral

  • Market Life Experience with food stands and furnishing
  • Unique robust bar
  • Atmospheric lighting
  • Bathrooms
  • Power current